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  Les #1 de chaque année depuis 2002!


2002 Knightrider Of Doom
2003 Just A Little Sign Helloween
2004 Mein Teil Rammstein
2005 Byob System Of A Down
2006 Enjoy The Silence Lacuna Coil
2007 Show Me The Way Elis
2008 Blood On Your Hands Arch Enemy
2009 The Death Of Love Cradle Of Filth
2010 Njord Leaves' Eyes
2011 Tornado Rhapsody of Fire
2012 Luxtos Eluveitie
2013 Blodsvept Finntroll
2014 Kaptein Kaos Trollfest
2015 One Man Army Ensiferum
2016 Heathen Horde Ensiferum
2017 Rise Again Equilibrium
2018 Zombie Bad Wolves
2019 Great War Sabaton
2020 Rise And Fall Crematory
2021 C'est La Vie dArtagnan